1. Use a dime to quarter size amount (depending on beard size).
  2. Rub between palms.
  3. Run your fingers through your beard starting at your neck and work your way up.
  1. Put 2-6 drops (depending on beard size) in your palm.
  2. Massage into the sides of your beard.
  3. Massage the oil into the front of your beard moving downward.
  4. Lastly move both hands up the beard from the bottom.


  1. Prepare your face for a shave (prep is the most important).
  2. Apply a pre-shave oil.
  3. Apply shave soap using a shave brush.
  4. Shave with the grain, no more then 2” at a time.
  5. Angle the razor 28-32 degrees.
  6. Don’t rush it!
  7. Rinse the blade in between shaves.
  8. Rinse your face with cold water.
  9. Apply your aftershave tonic.
  1. Put 1-2 drops on each of your index fingers.
  2. Massage the oil between your index finger and thumb.
  3. Grab each side of your mustache with your thumb under index finger on top
  4. Move your hands outward moving your mustache between your fingers.
  5. Repeat a few times until your stach and skin underneath have been touched.
  1. Apply a dime size amount to your index finger.
  2. Rub between two index fingers.
  3. Staring at the middle of your mustache, pinch your mustache between your index finger and thumb and move outward. Repeat 2-3 times.
  4. Use your mustache comb starting at the center moving outward, allowing the wax to spread evenly.


Olive Oil Benefits:
Helps reduce dandruff, moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy or inflammed skin.


Sweet Almond Oil:

Moisturizes dry inflammed skin, and helps treat dandruff.

Shea Butter Benefits:
Excellent moisturizer for hair and scalp, helps reduce inflammation and helps reduce scarring.
Vitamin E Oil Benefits:
Helps reduce itching, acts as a cleansing agent, and moisturizes.
Apricot Kernel Oil Benefits:
Helps re-hydrate skin, non-oily, and moisturizes dry skin.
Avocado Oil Benefits:
Helps reduce itching and irritation, strengthens your skin and moisturizes your skin.
Castor Oil Benefits:
Seals in moisture and revitalizes skin.
Palm Oil Benefits:
Helps with cleansing your skin, moisturizes your skin and acts as an antibacterial for scalp.
Coconut Oil Benefits:
Helps prevent dandruff, helps prevent dryness and the flaking of skin, and moisturizes skin.
Rosemary Extract Benefits:

Anti-Inflammatory, antimicrobial, and helps with hair growth.

Wheat Germ Benefits:
Helps heal dry or cracked skin, helps prevent scarring, and moisturizes.
Aloe Benefits:
Great skin moisturizer, helps heal cuts, antimicrobial properties, antibacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory properties.